We encourage any customer to contact us if they are unsatisfied with their order. We work with our supplier partners in line with their policies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Damaged orders

If your order has received excessive damage in transit, we will refund it. Please send an email to support@lowsodium.com within 15 days of the order being delivered to you to receive a refund.  Be sure to include photos of the damage if you have them to help us troubleshoot our process!

Please note we cannot refund for cosmetic or minor damage to the products that do not affect whether the item can be consumed safely. These cases include but are not limited to issues such as: crushed or broken pastry, cosmetic or minor damage to the outer packaging, and condensation from ice packs.  We reserve the right to limit excessive returns/refunds.

Taste satisfaction and allergies

In line with our suppliers policies, and due to the perishable nature of food products and the tight margins on the sales of food products, we cannot accept returns due to “buyers remorse”, changing your mind, disliking the taste, allergies, etc.


* item will be deemed shipped and in Buyer’s possession if tracking says delivered.

* free domestic shipping to address Buyer provides at checkout, for orders $49.99 and over, as long as it is anyplace FedEx, UPS or USPS agrees to ship, $100 to ship international.  Seller will choose shipping method, most likely choice Ground shipping or Priority in North America, International Priority overseas.  Overseas shipping will be by Air, not surface.  Seller will provide tracking information to Buyer.

* Buyer is responsible for all taxes, third party fees, customs duties, license, inspection, title, registration, import charges, destination charges, or other governmental or regulatory or third party requirements assessed during shipment or on delivery.  Seller is not responsible for any fees or taxes assessed to Buyer, or any taxes or fees that may arise once the unit is in shipper possession.  As required by law and/or the policies of the ecommerce technology/marketplace providers used by Seller, certain taxes and fees, but not necessarily all that may apply, may be assessed at checkout, and charged to Buyer’s payment method along with the order when Buyer completes checkout.  Any such added taxes and/or fees will be shown to Buyer before click-through to final completion of checkout.

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